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No Commisssion

No service charges or fees, when you buy or sell foreign currency. Fast and reliable money transfers.


Our exchange rates are updated every day Mon-fri at 11-12 Am. Money laundering law - Merex in Denmark

Merex Sweden
Last update: 2020-03-13
FlagCountry We buyWe sell
Europe 1 EUR 10.5650 11.6070
USA 1 USD 9.4316 10.3805
Denmark 1 DKK 1.4002 1.5250
Norway 1 NOK 0.9321 1.0130
UK 1 GBP 11.7003 13.0460
Canada 1 CAD 6.8030 7.4150
Japan 1 JPY 0.0886 0.0969
China 1 CNY 1.3003 1.4899
Merex Denmark
Last update: 2020-08-07
FlagCountry We buyWe sell
Europe 1 EUR 7.3800 7.7099
USA 1 USD 6.1825 6.5545
Sweden 1 SEK 0.7038 0.7305
Norway 1 NOK 0.6132 0.6973
UK 1 GBP 8.0453 8.4185
Canada 1 CAD 4.4248 4.8845
Japan 1 JPY 0.0225 0.0614
China 1 CNY 0.8133 0.9318

Our offices

Merex International is a finance company with a focus on currency trading and payment transfers. Our company started in 1995 in Gothenburg and we have offices in Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

Merex Sweden Merex Denmark

About Merex

Merex is an experienced payment agent and we offer that service to both companies and private persons.

With Merex you can make payments throughout the world both fast and at a low cost. Merex as a professional payment agent has sophisticated tools that guarantee fast and efficient payments.

Merex exchange rates are very competitive. Regular currency customers enjoy further discounts and benefits.

We can deliver both physical and electronic currency and currency hedging when needed.


Are you interested?

If you are interested in a business relationship with Merex please contact us and we will find the best solution for you.



Foreign coins

MEREX buys and sells coins in: Euro, Swedish kronor, Danish kroner, Norwegian kroner, British pound. Notice: If you bring your purchase receipt we will give you the full rate for your coins.

How to pay?

MEREX accepts cash in most currencies and the following debit cards without charging a fee. Dankort, max. 4,000 DKK, VISA, max. 4,000 DKK

Reserve the currency in advance

If you need specific notes of a specific currency you need to reserve them at least one business day in advance. We will then make sure that the money will be ready for you on time.

Merex Members Club (MMC)

Both private clients and corporate clients can join the MEREX MEMBERS CLUB and enjoy special benefits and services. If you are interested in obtaining a membership, please visit us at one of our branches.

If you like to work with us

Call Us Now!

Send money

Merex offers, just like a bank, the possibility to send money to persons and companies around the world. As an agent for Western Union we also offer this service to people without a bank account.



For more information or if you have any questions concerning Merex and our services, please contact us.

Merex International AB

Gothenburg - Sweden
+46 31 158 158
Odinsgatan 20A
411 03 Gothenburg
+46 31 15 77 40
Mon-fri: 10 - 17:30
Sat: 11-15, Sun: closed
Merex International A/S

Copenhagen - Denmark
+45 3332 1313
+45 3332 1311
+45 8613 3123
Vester Farimagsgade 4, 1606
+45 3393 5065
Mon-fri 10-18, Sat 11-15, Sun: closed